At Vintage Township, our neighborhood includes some of the most beautiful and unique new homes and real estate for sale that Lubbock, Texas (TX) has to offer. Experience a whole new way of living unparalleled by any other new home neighborhood. It’s a special place where you’ll learn how to slow down, relax and feel connected to your neighbors. A typical day at Vintage Township in your new home might include a night with movies in the park, a visit to the Farmer’s Market at Town Hall in the summer, a parade around the neighborhood during our 3rd of July Celebration, or even just a walk to the playground with your kids.

We think you’ll find our relaxed little community so pedestrian friendly, cars may soon be optional. The future of our neighborhood in Vintage Township in Lubbock will make walking to work, buying groceries, shopping or visiting a park just short walk from your home. Vintage Township has re-created what home was meant to be. Whether you’re single, raising your family, or inviting them home to visit, Vintage Township will always feel like the home and community you’ve always dreamed of.