The Vintage life

How can you live life better at Vintage Township?

What Makes Vintage Township Different?

Vintage Township is part of an architectural paradigm shift called new urbanism. Traditional neighborhood developments (TND) such as Vintage Township are characterized by wider, tree-lined sidewalks and traffic-calming streets to make it safer for everyone to get to work or play or just enjoy the neighborhood. They also promote a healthy lifestyle as it is common to see residents walking with their pets or to a local restaurant, shooting hoops or swimming with their kids, jogging in the neighborhood or carrying their kids off the playground in time for supper. Don’t be surprised if you see a bike or scooter near your house, too. They are everywhere as kids just feel safer in a place like this. Have more questions about Vintage Township? You’re not alone. It almost sounds too good to be true!


Other common amenities include parks within walking distance of homes, a resident pool and fire pit, and much more—again, many within walking distance. Essentially, we’re building a town within a town. We think you’ll be as excited about our future as we are.

Hello, Neighbor!

Aside from architecture, our hallmark characteristic is the friendliness of our community. That’s why all of our homes are built with porches, and year-round events are planned for the residents of Vintage. It’s all about neighbors getting to know one another. Between the porch parties, potlucks, special interest groups, and annual events such as the 3rd of July Parade, Vintage Winter Wonderland, and fall festivals, why would you want to live anywhere else?